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We are GMD Proteas Enterprises LTD, a professional Building Administrator and
Maintenance Company based in Limassol. Founded in 2008, we have consistently led
the way with our professional services which have enabled us to grow our clientele
base to over 3,500 households.

Issuance, distribution, and collection of charges: We thoroughly handle all the issuance, distribution and charges collection issues about your building.

Maintenance of revenue-expenditure record: If you’re a landlord, proper and accurate maintenance of your building’s revenue-expenditure record will let you know whether you are gaining or losing and why.

Cleaning services to keep your building spick and span always. Professional maintenance of gardens, swimming pools, and all the areas surrounding your building to keep the environment healthy.

Disinfection Department: Our disinfection department handles all the fumigation and disinfection needs of your building to ensure that it is a healthy place for habitation at all times.

Insurance Support: We do know that many landlords, as well as tenants, have issues with insurance. For this reason, we offer a full-scale insurance support service to ensure that it doesn’t become a problem to you and that you reap all the benefits therein.

Legal Support: As a tenant or landlord, your legal decisions matter. With our legal advisory department, you'll get all the legal advice and support you need to enjoy your building tenancy or ownership.


  • “Proteas is excellence defined! From their quality services to their incredible customer service, everything is perfectly taken care of. We have been with them for many years and we will continue to do so for many more. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, Proteas GMD got you covered.”

  • GMD PROTEAS is doing EXCELLENT work with collection of common expenses.

    Mariusz Sadowski

  • Dear Maria, Many thks.
    This is the first time that somebody has notified me of overpayment and refunded the money.
    It is nice to know that these type of persons still exist.

    Tony Paramsothy

  • Συνεργαζόμαστε με την εταιρεία GMD Proteas από το 2008. Πριν αναλάβει η εταιρεία τη Διαχείριση του κτηρίου επικρατούσε ένα χάος. Ποτέ δεν είχαμε ξεκάθαρη εικόνα για τα οικονομικά του κτηρίου. Ποτέ πριν δεν υπήρχαν αντίγραφα τιμολογίων στον Πίνακα Ανακοινώσεων του κτηρίου. Τώρα όλα κυλούν ομαλά.

    Χριστίνα Ιωάννου

  • GMD Proteas submit invoices on time; they are clearly presented and processed promptly.Problems with my apartment requiring technical support have been dealt with quickly and efficiently.The public areas of the building are always well serviced, clean and properly cared for by GMD Proteas employees.Staff have always been found to be helpful and responsive.

    I have experience of several Building Management Companies in LImassol and GMD Proteas ranks with the very best.

    Rob Cowin

  • We have been using the company GMD for the last 4 years at the building Honey court 3, in Limassol, for administrating this building.
    This company has been extremely succesful in taking care of all the problems of the building, collecting the common expenses, and most of all been honest. they have well trained staff working for them and both of the oweners are working full time long hours in the company.
    Myself and one more person are in the committee of this building and we are very satisfied working with GMD and we look forward for good working relationship also in the future.


    Eleni Antoniou Hindkjaer
    member of the committee of Honey court 3

  • GMD Proteas have managed the apartment block in Neapolis in Limasson for some years. We own an apartment in the block. The service offered by GMD Proteas is excellent, staff are helpful and the property is maintained to a good standards. If there are issues or problems which relate to service provided by them, they are quick to sort the problem out. They have a good system for maintain service charge payments, bank drafts or collector comes at a pre arranged time. If you are in need of a reliable maintenance company then we would recommend GMD Proteas. This is our unbiased opinion and have no connection to the company aside from them acting as agents for the block.

    Paul & October Robinson

  • GMD proteas company is a loyal and trustworthy company. For the last three years that we have been with them everything has been much better in our building. We don't have to worry about small or big jobs that need to be done. They are always there when we need them and do their best. From day one everyone started paying their common expenses and the building paper work is more organized. The residents of the building and me personally will be very happy to continue this cooperation for years.

    President of the administrative committee

    Antri Konstantinidou

  • GMD Proteas is a fantastic management company . Very efficient and responsive when requested to do anything for our building . They are transparent and very easy to work with. This is a company that I would highly recommend . Alex.

    Alex Abdallah

  • Τις πιο θερμές μας ευχαριστίες μας προς την GMD proteas και ιδιαίτερα την Μαρία,τον Γιάννη και το επιτελείο τους για την άψογη και επαγγελματική τους εξυπηρέτηση .Πάντα πρόθυμοι να εξυπηρετήσουν και να επιλύσουν οποιοδήποτε πρόβλημα προκύψει στην πολυκατοικία μας.Πρέπει ωστόσο να σημειωθεί ότι το κόστος των κοινοχρήστων είναι από τα ανταγωνιστικότερα της αγοράς σε σχέση με τις υπηρεσίες που προσφέρουν.Συστήνουμε την εταιρεία GMD proteas ανεπιφύλακτα προς οποιοδήποτε ενδιαφερόμενο.

    Διαχειριστική Επιτροπή Santhemis 10

  • Παρόλο το δύσκολο της δουλειάς, η GMD Proteas Enterprises Ltd ανταποκρίνεται πάντα, γρήγορα και σωστά. Η εμπειρία τους μας βοηθά καθώς με τις συμβουλές τους θα παρθούν από την πλευρά μας οι σωστές αποφάσεις. Είμαστε σίγουροι ότι η συνεργασία μας θα διαρκέσει.

    Μιχάλης Ζαβός

  • Ειναι όντως μια σοβαρή και νοικοκυρεμένη εταιρεία. Συγχαρητήρια και για την ηλεκτρονική σας αναβάθμιση.

    Μιχάλης Γιαλουρίδης

  •  We work with the company GMD Proteas for many years. They care for the buildings they manage and work with devotion. they are also very trustworthy. Congratulations on  your good work. We highly recommend  GMD Proteas.

  • Professionals. Very reliable company and the personnel is always happy to help.

  • One of the most trustworthy companies in the field, maybe the best... Professionals,  on your side in every problem. We use their services for many years without any problems at all. I strongly recommend them

  • Εντυπωσιακή διαχείριση κτηρίων! Επαγγελματίες και Υπεύθυνοι βρίσκουν άμεσα λύση σε οποιοδήποτε πρόβλημα προκύψει. Remarkable work in building management. Professionals and Responsible they find immediate solution in any problem that might occur in the building.

  • the most reliable and helpful company. i have been working with them so many years and i am very happy.

  • Είμαι μέλος της Διαχειριστικής Επιτροπής μιας πολυκατοικίας η οποία λόγω διαφωνιών των ιδιοκτητών κόντευε να καταρρεύσει. Ευτυχώς απευθυνθήκαμε την gmdproteas και μπήκε μια τάξη. Έστω και σιγά σιγά άρχισε η πολυκατοικία να φτιάχνεται. Πραγματικά σας ευχαριστώ πολύ που μας αναλάβατε.

  • Η εταιρεία GMD Proteas απαρτίζεται και διοικείται από ανθρώπους με ψηλό αίσθημα ευθύνης, επαγγελματική ικανότητα και οργάνωση στο αντικείμενο με το οποίο δραστηριοποιείται. Η συνεργασία μου μαζί τους, ως Πολιτικός Μηχανικός, στα θέματα που μας αφορούν , ήταν και είναι πάντα άψογη, ειλικρινής και κυρίως σε ψηλά επίπεδα ευθύνης απέναντι στους πελάτες μας που μας αναθέτουν τες διάφορες εργασίες που επιθυμούν. Εύχομαι να συνεχίσουν να προσφέρουν τες ανεκτίμητες υπηρεσίες τους σε αυτούς που πραγματικά τις αναγνωρίζουν και τις επιθυμούν για πολλά ακόμα χρόνια ......

  • I would like to congratulate the company and its people who are very professional and really helpful and caring. After assigning our building to their care, we managed to proceed and completed some jobs that were necessary and we are proceeding with more jobs that need to be done. Without GMD PROTEAS we couldn't have done it.

  • I 've worked with the company for several years and they have responded to every need with professionalism, accuracy and care to all the matters that occur. I thank them and wish for further collaboration with GMD Proteas.


Online system

To administration Committees:
You can submit any costs for a new allocation. You can keep an eye on all the units and have a full view on who pays and who does not. You can also reprint previous notifications.

To all owners / tenants:
Upon entry on our ON-LINE system, you can see all the transactions of your unit. You will be able to see whether it has been paid and where. You can register a payment or be notified automatically for any new allocation. You can also see copies of all expenses - invoices as well as payments - receipts.

Latest news

Common Expenses

December 24, 2019

Why make your life more difficult when you can outsource the management of your apartment building to GMD PROTEAS? Automate the process of issuing and delivering common expenses notifications, simply […]

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