Every building large or small, old or new, in the city or province needs to be disinfected at regular intervals to deal with insect and rodent problems.

Insects, such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, bedbugs, etc. which cannot be combated in any other way other than disinfection, cause problems such as:

  • Disease transmission / allergies / Food contaminations
  • General outbreaks of infection

Particularly flea and bite bites cause severe physical pain and health problems, while rodents cause the destruction of goods and objects and the transmission of infectious diseases. Areas with insects, rodents and germs degrade the tenant’s livelihoods and cause discomfort.


Problems should be regularly disinfected by professionals depending on the severity of the problem. It is recommended to repeat the disinfection 3 to 4 times a year as follows:

  1. In the spring to hit the biological cycle of insects.
  2. In the middle / late summer to halt its growth favored by weather conditions.
  3. In the middle of winter to ensure a lasting effect and eliminate any nests in the buildings, as the heat in these areas favors their reproduction.

Disinfection is carried out in all areas of buildings, that is, indoors and in all exterior and communal areas of buildings in order to achieve the best possible results, in homes, apartment buildings or businesses and institutions.

GMD PROTEAS with many years of experience, deep knowledge of the subject, its specialized partners, undertakes and carries out responsible disinfections in a completely safe way for people and pets in any area, using the best approved insecticides on the market.




How long do insecticides stay active?
The time the insecticides remain active depends on the nature of the surfaces sprayed and is about 3 months or longer on smooth and watertight surfaces. It is recommended to avoid mopping for as long as possible.

How long does it take to kill rodents after being sprayed?
The active substance that causes death in rodents causes internal bleeding (no pain) 3-10 days after receiving the lethal dose.

How effective is disinfection in my area?
Effectiveness is given if it is done in the manner and periodicity suggested by our company and our specialized partners. In addition, the more disinfected areas or apartments, the more «outbreaks of infection» are eliminated, thus achieving a radical solution to the problem.

I’m scared to disinfect my apartment!
Careful selection of sites of disinfection by our specialized partners, spraying with appropriate insecticides and adherence to their instructions will free you from any fear.

Why do you need a professional approach to the problem?
Because common insecticides are not sufficiently active and unsuitable for large areas. Our company uses approved and safe public health insecticides and disinfection is carried by qualified technical personnel.

What are the necessary precautions when disinfecting my apartment?

  1. During praying cover all food and kitchen utensils
  2. Persons with respiratory / allergic problems, infants and all pets should be removed for a few hours before starting spraying
  3. Avoid spraying on places where food and clothing are stored.